While meandering around the spaces of my underachieving job the other day I entered upon a conversation between several early 20 something young men harassing a peer about playing the saxophone.  More specifically, the majority was calling out the reed player with fun-loving, yet homophobic, terminology.  Walking into this, being the somewhat respected yet assuredly disrespected behind my back elder, I told them they were fools and that the sax is nothing to be ignored, dismissed, or to be defined as feminine in gender.  I continued on with my duties, not confident that my statements lasted long in their young post emo hearts.  What I did was go home after my shift and dig out my jazz, because, what my age and background has given me is a diverse taste and equally thick and diverse collection of music.  In a solid form no less.  I enjoy, yet do not trust, the MP3 format.  I became immersed in the tunes and in doing so came across, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, the highlight of this article.  I beseech you to turn this live jam from 1964 up on your computer or stereo.  I challenge you to not tap your toes, to resist the smile, to disrespect the sax.  These patent leather shoe wearing fools can jam.  Wait for the 4:40 mark then tell me that is not some of the sweetest drumming you’ve heard in some time.  Write me if I’m wrong, play this stuff around your kids if I’m right.

Hugo Schoen

As a shout out, I want to thank a great website that continually reminds me of my love for song: