In the nineties I shy’d away from NAS, choosing instead to stick with my suburban friendly hip hop like Tribe, The Pharcyde and The Beastie Boys. I feared that real street sound cause I couldn’t relate to it. Never stopping to notice that what he was saying wasn’t too far from what I was going through especially in my twenties when I was on my own. But I chose to sleep on him, especially after the controversial crucifixion video. My thoughts were “who the fuck does this guy think he is?” But then I started browsing youtube to catch videos of his from the past when he was with Main Source and later his solo stuff. I started to realize more as candy ass hip hop becomes mainstream that his sound and what he was saying remains true. Living in New York for eight years had a little to do with it too. Nas never became watered down and he certainly never sold out. Having said that, let’s talk about Nas’s latest “Life Is Good”. My first listen to some of the tracks off this album came via Soundcloud. The tracks “The Don” and “Loco-motive” took everything that I had suspected in hindsight of Nas and said “here…this is why you can’t give up on hip hop”. According to fans of his they’ve been waiting for this return to greatness for awhile, not that he hasn’t been putting out tracks, but just because they’ve apparently fallen short of the grace. I on the other hand would think different having never followed the lad. I have some serious catching up to do. Perhaps I can relate more to him now cause he’s a father a career man. Maybe were sort of on the same time line now. Songs like “Daughters” comes as a breath of fresh air for all those father’s who still think raising a child in times like these is easy. I don’t have kids, but that song almost made me not want to have one, but I digress. I hope people are really listening to what the man has to say and not just allowing it to play as white noise as we all travel to our respective watering holes in hopes of getting laid or starting shit. Until then I’ll hold true to the idea that his current success is directly attributed to that…his ability to speak truth unlike the knuckleheads of late. Enjoy!


Published by Jeffrey Lamar

I’m an actor,musician and writer who's blended his love for all three into this blog.

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