It was originally my intention to do a “Let Music Be your Muse” spot on John Kricfalusi, but he’s a very hard man to track down. So instead I searched Youtube for some John K work that “you may or may not have seen”…BOOM! Like how I did that? So below are some obscure projects of his. Some are commissions, some are from his own library, but all are very very funny. John K rose to animation fame in the 90’s when Ren and Stimpy was picked up by Nickelodeon. What baffled most during this period was how he got away with what he did on a kids network for so long. An excellent Q&A with John can be found here at Full Circle Podcast , in it he explains the ups and downs of working with a media giant like Viacom.

JK: When Ren & Stimpy hit, I was getting more credit for the show than Nickelodeon was, and I in turn gave credit to the key cartoonists on the show – even on the title cards up front – which was unheard of at the time.  There were whole magazines coming out dedicated to the show and the artists who made it.  All of a sudden fans knew the cartoonists’ names and started to think of us as well, almost like rock stars.  Nickelodeon must not have liked that, so eventually they took over the show and started their own studio to produce it, and soon the artists were forgotten, even while they still touted that their cartoons were “creator-driven”.

When asked about his creativity this is what he had to say.

JK: In order to do your best stuff, you have to have continuity and everything in place – you have to keep making stuff for a while to get into the swing of things.  You and your crew need practice working together and time to gel.  Otherwise you are starting over with every new show and have all the same problems to deal with.  Imagine if Tex Avery or Chuck Jones had to change crews after every five cartoons, and then wait five years before making new cartoons, and then make them cheaper.  That’s what Spumco’s history has been.  Networks seem to understand that most cartoon shows take some time to gel and find their way, but never understand that with mine.  I have to make perfect cartoons the first day or I’m a dirty bum.

The conversation is amazing giving us John K fans true insight into the mind of this genius. You can also check out his BLOGSPOT where not only can you peep his day to day, but you can sign up for his online drawing school. I believe it’s free. Go and get your John K on!!

Slab and Ernie from “Pee Boner’s” returns to beat down those who can’t defend themselves!

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