A coming home drunk confrontation with your wife or lover who holds a dominant superior look on her face challenging your manhood when she doesn’t have to say a word only that look and you can’t keep your mouth shut and scream your nobility over not only the household but of the whole of pop culture at large rant that is nothing short of pure enjoyment.  A sweet little poetry slam animation enhanced with horns of the instrumental variety, Shawn Harris’ sweetly paced drawings make this waking hallucination a nasty minute and thirty-second romp.

This short animation, again created by Shawn Harris, doesn’t encapsulate the band Foxy Shazam entirely, yet, it’s a nice little taste of the music of which, if I was forced to describe, blends somewhere in the arena of Queen and the The Electic Six.  If you choose to explore them I have some other tracks included via Soundcloud.  Foxy Shazam rock out some fun party anthems with a sense of humor, and due to watching some of their recorded performances, a great sense of showmanship.  The band, coming out of Cincinnati, has been around since 2004, been featured in both the Warped Tour and Lollapalooza, with their fourth studio album, ‘The Church of Rock n Roll’, being released in January of 2012.  They are currently on tour now, doing mostly summer festivals, and begin opening for Slash the first week of September.  I also find it worth noting that Foxy Shazam has some of the best band t-shirts I’ve seen in quite some time.  Check out their website.

Foxy Shazam are:

Eric Sean Nally – vocals

Loren Turner – guitar

Sky White – piano

Daisy – bass

Alex Nauth – trumpet

Aaronn McVeigh – drums


This post was inspired by: http://bananasmusicclub.com/