Composer Jonas Kjellberg creates hauntingly fantastic landscapes for new video game “Unmechanical”

I came across this little bit of info about this new game called Unmechanical created by Talawa Games  out of Stockholm, Sweden. Then I watched the trailer for the game and was all like wow! I’ve never seen anything that worked so well together visually and musically. It’s a partnership forged by G-d and the man behind this brilliant piece of music is this young buck named Jonas Kjellberg. I’m not kidding when I say this kid is the next level. Combining his love of electronic music and orchestral he’s created a sound so lonely and magical that it was a perfect fit for a game like Unmechanical.

JK: To me Unmechanical is like the neighbors puppy that you get to take care of every once in a while. You see it grow and get more attached to it every day. Being my first commercial game, Unmechanical was a great learning opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the others and am very proud of what we together have created. We love our puppy. So will you.

The game does have a slight Oddworld vibe to it in that there’s a lot of lateral motion. I’m a child of the eighties so that sort of shit doesn’t bother me in the least. But what I liked about Oddworld, now that I think about it, was how the music played so well with what was happening to the hero. Okay I’ll admit I’m not a huge gamer, but I am big on lonely characters who you immediately sympathize with and want to see good things happen to. Megaman, Shadow Of The Colossus, Oddworld all contained that sad warrior so right away I was hooked on Unmechanical’s storyline. Lets get back to the reason for this post.

Jonas is addicted to music and sound. He was born in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden in 1986. Even though not raised in a musical family he decided at the age of 14 to learn how to play the guitar, mostly to impress girls. Some years later the songwriting began. Bands were put together with friends and a love for synthesizers and music production was born. After graduating high school, Jonas realized that the musical dream was one worth pursuing. This dream led him across the globe to the wonderful city of Sydney, Australia. Here he studied audio engineering at SAE and graduated with a Diploma of Technical Music Production in 2007. At the same period Jonas was involved in Sydney Film School where he composed and sound mixed numerous short films. He had found that composing music allowed for a vast amount creativity which far surpassed that of music production. Jonas returned to Sweden in 2008 with newly found determination. Since he never had any proper schooling in music and was completely autodidact, getting into a composition program would prove impossible. While studying Musicology, Jonas spent his days reading up on all that he had neglected in the past. After a few ordeals his new knowledge of music theory, in conjunction with a near redundant ammount of sound and computer experience, landed him one of the only two spots for Composition with profile EAM (Electroacustic Music). The following three years will therefore be all about composition, whether it be studies or work.

Can’t be sure if he was directly involved in the creation for the music in the trailer, but I’m guessing with his electronica background he was. The trailer music combines so many elements and influences. Reaching back into my mental catalog I immediately hear artist such as Bjork, Boards Of Canada,Daft Punk and a host of other analog/midi electronic acts. As for the orchestral I hear Danny Elfman, Hauschka, Philip Glass and even a bit of Sigur Ros. I guess the closer you live to Iceland the more influenced you are by them. All I have to say is who ever he’s pulling from I want that album too. Below you will find fully arranged works by this uber composer, some of which are so cerebral it’s hard to believe it’s from someone this young. In addition to the games release on August 8th he will be releasing 13 tracks from the game one week later on August 15th. The album will have a running time of 50 minutes and will contain, according to him “cozy electronic music”. He also intends to release those tracks on Spotify under the name ”wrench – Unmechanical” (noted). If you don’t already have a Spotfy account now’s the time you might want to get one. It is a must for music lovers!!

Jonas Soundcloud

Jonas Youtube

Unmechanical, an adventure-puzzle game about an adorable but indifferent robot’s quest to find its way out of the innards of an underground beast, and to find out what happened and why. Simple and intuitive mechanics make the game accessible to highly varying groups of people and the mysterious style and setting will tickle your curiosity. Puzzles range from simple to hard and satisfying

Slow Dancing with Mary Magdalene – Wind orchestra from Jonas Kjellberg ( on Vimeo.

A Cunning Deception of Self from Jonas Kjellberg ( on Vimeo.

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4 thoughts on “Composer Jonas Kjellberg creates hauntingly fantastic landscapes for new video game “Unmechanical”

  1. Been listening to “Slow Dancing with Mary Magdalene” all morning. Great find, great profile! I heard all of the influences you mentioned, and in “Slow Dancing” also marching band music from composers as weird and early as Grainger (Lincolnshire Posy) and the suites of Holtz. (Can find both on youtube.)

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