I keep telling myself I need to watch Game Of Thrones, but there are just so many damn good television shows to watch I can’t keep track. I’ve already spent a small fortune on Amazon just getting caught up with Dexter. Now I hear the guy who composed the music in Game Of Thrones and Iron Man will be doing the music for my favorite directors next big film Pacific Rim…oh the G-d’s make sport of me. So it seemed only right that MITNG take a look at this young sprites amazing career. Ramin Djawadi (37) is one of those cats who was at the right place at the right time. After graduating Berklee School of Music in 1998 he was hired on by non other than Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Trilogy) to work with at his scoring facility in Santa Monica Remote Control Productions. There he worked as an assistant to Klaus Badelt (A Thin Red Line, Pirates Of The Carribean), I could stop there and then just focus on all his accomplishments, but there had to be some struggle…right? Let’s keep reading shall we? From there he was approached by director David S. Goyer to direct Blade Trinity with RZA from The Wu Tang Clan. Goyer and Ramin became the DeNiro/Scorcese of film and television from that point on. Ramin scored both Goyers projects The Unborn (produced by Michael Bay) and Flash Forward (the television series). About now is when you feed in a little despair, just a little something that make us wee folk go man he had a hard life. Nope and why should there be can’t anyone life “The life of Riley” anymore? I think it goes without saying that a lot of hard work got Ramin to where he is now so I’ll just cut to the chase and give you a list of the man’s work…agreed?

Blade: Trinity: film
The Unborn: film
Flashforward: television series
Prison Break: television series
Breakout Kings: television series
Mr. Brooks: film
Open Season:animated film
Pirates of The Caribbean:Film
Clash Of The Titans:film
Medal of Honor:Game
Game Of Thrones:television
Pacific Rim:film

Yep…his credits pretty much reads like a “how to get in the business when your lucky as hell” bestselling novel. No I’m not jaded. Film scores aren’t even my thing, but rubbing elbows and nepotism is. Not much has been said about the sound track for Guillermo’s latest project. I guess they are keeping pretty tight lipped with it not unlike the whole production. The film release July 11th 2013 and from what I understand it’s going to be the science fiction phenomena of 2013.

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