Celebrating the ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ for 30 years

Happy Birthday Fast Times!  You recently turned 30 , and will remain as one of my favorite films when you turn 50.  Fun, sexy, and controversial it is a great achievement to still be a film quoted to this day.  I remember recreating scenes from the film in college with friends on one of those clunky VHS

camcorders I received as a graduation gift.  We all had to take turns being Spicoli, and unfortunately couldn’t talk any of our girlfriends into giving a dramatic rendition of the Linda’s pool scene.  That scene in question I believe to be reported by video stores ( you remember those?) as the #1 most faded out areas in history due to the rewind and replay.  It is magnificent.  The film boasted the beginnings of many great careers, think of it, Sean Penn, Eric Stoltz, Forrest Whitaker, Phoebe Cates, Jennifer Jason Lee, Judge Reinhold, even Nick Cage.   And the music.  I mentioned in a recent post how I feel about Cameron Crowe‘s ( the writer for the film) selection of tracks for his films and if you’re a classic rock fiend, Fast Times kicks ass.  A fella named, Warpaint, put out a mix tape featuring the sounds within the film on 8tracks.com and I think you should celebrate with us.

Cameron Crowe shared a few words on the anniversary of his film at his official site, theuncool.com:
On the last day of filming Fast Times at Ridgemont High there were high-fives and happy/sad goodbyes. Amy Heckerling had powered through a tough schedule, and we’d snuck the movie through the studio system, in no small part thanks to our fiercely funny and protective producer Art Linson. Sean Penn, who’d been in character the entire filming, arrived in a brown corduroy jacket and introduced himself. ”I’m Sean,” he announced. We all felt instantly nostalgic for the blonde stoner we’d known and called Jeff for the previous three months. I looked around, and saw one of the red trash cans that had followed us from location to location, from the Sherman Oaks mall to Van Nuys High. It’s been in my writing room ever since. Happy 30th Anniversary… and thanks to all the cast, crew and fine friends we still have from those bitchin’ summer days of not so long ago….

Fast Times at Ridgemont High is out on Blue-Ray, now the faded segments of the tape era can be avoided, and an anniversary edition of the film with special outtakes is also available.

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