Back in the day I remember talking to a good friend of mine, Bill Cefalo, about opening our version of the most fucked up haunted house we could think of. Well I think Eli Roth (Hostel,Cabin Fever) has gone and beat us to it. The Goretorium is a project several years in the making according to Eli and he says that it will not disappoint.
“The Goretorium will be a destination for both horror fans and tourists from around the world,” said Eli Roth, “We are creating the most intense live terror experience a person can have, incorporating the latest technology with old-fashioned scares.”
The following comes via@ Vegas.com
Opening to the public on Sept. 27, Eli Roth’s Goretorium will be located on the Las Vegas Strip, directly across CityCenter and The Cosmopolitan above the Walgreen’s. The Goretorium wil feature a multi-level maze within a fictitious hotel and casino — The Delmont. The self-guided tour starts at the hotel lobby, revealing gruesome sights of past hotel guests and the serial-killing family behind these murders. The experience includes live actors, animatronic frights and special effects in a spooky hotel setting.Eli Roth’s Goretorium will also feature a ’60s-inspired lounge, “Baby Dolls.” Offering a view of CityCenter, the bar includes caged “zombie” dancers and “live feedings.” If you want to take the experience home with you, the Goretorium will also have a retail shop as well as Bloody Mary’s, a to-go bar.

Said Eli about his life endeavor “I’ve spent years planning this and all my nightmares are finally coming true,”.

Sounds interesting especially the part about it being self guided. Might be a bit of a mess considering how many drunks there are in Sin City. He’s also opening it right around the time Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood California opens. CHALLENGE!!!! (The Cosby Show). I’m going to be in Vegas around this time so you know I’ll let you guys in on the goings on. My wife says she wont have any part of it, but that’s her fault for bringing it to my attention. Ride or Die!!! Goretorium Opens to the public on Sept. 27. Tickets are $35 in advance or $40 at the door. For $60, visitors can purchase a VIP Fast Pass which includes front-of-the-line admission and free entrance to Baby Dolls Lounge.

Checkout Goretorium’s Website

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