Before I really got to know Alfred Hitchcock’s work I wrote him off as just another film director and then I graduated high school and got a job working at the Hitchcock Attraction at Universal Studios Orlando. It was then that I learned about just how innovative and forward this guys films really were. Psycho, some say, was the pinnacle of his greatness, but anyone who’s seen Vertigo, Rear Window or North By Northwest knows that Psycho wasn’t Alfred’s apex. The scope of some of his films was so great for their time that even modern directors borrow techniques from the man. It’s been said that Alfred Hitchcock was deeply influenced by Orsen Welles and I say sure. Why not? But there’s no denying Alfred has a uniqueness all his own. Hitchcock was born August 13, 1899 which means if he was alive today he would be 113 years old so in honor of his belated birthday I’ve posted a youtube video  that contains all of Alfred Hitchcock’s cameos. In case your wondering Hitchcock was kind of a jokester and enjoyed making cameo’s in his film. Nothing huge, but small little appearances that would having going “There he is!!”. Along with that I posted the dream sequence in Hitchcock’s Spellbound starring Gregory Peck. The sequence was designed by Salvador Dali.


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