Theo Jansen’s kinetic sculptures take on a new life in this amazing short

Not to long ago I had the pleasure of watching Theo Jansen’s TED talk about these kinetic animals of his. He offered us a look into what a man made, self sustaining and environmentally friendly creature looks like. By blending his love for engineering, science fiction and animals he’s been able to wow us with these bizarre works of art promising us that one day his animals will become a reality. In keeping with his dream U.K. based animation team has taken another step toward making Theo’s ideas a reality with this whimsical and at times unsettling look at one of his creatures. The story follows one of Theo’s prototypes, exquisitely rendered I might add, in this serene park setting being guided along by a monk, but then like any animal forced to conform it get’s loose and wanders the streets of London. Eventually it mutates into a winged something and flies away. Originally I thought it was the intention of Theo to bring to the world these nice helpful creatures, but this take on his machines makes you wonder about the animals true potential. I guess the message here is “there’s still much work to be done”.  Enjoy the film!

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