Iron Sky is a pleasantly unexpected and intelligent film

Everybody’s always telling me, when referring to films like Battleship, Transformers or Fast and The Furious, to not take it seriously, it’s just a fun film and to go into the theater knowing what to expect. So your saying I should expect to loose 10 dollars of my hard earned money not to be entertained in the least? That doesn’t make sense, you see I want to be entertained, I get fun films as much as the next guy or girl, but there comes a point that a level of disinterest oozes over me and suffocates me like a blob. I’ll get to the topic of this blog I promise, but I just want to get this off my chest. You would think that with the history Hollywood has with action films we would have our formula down, but there’s still shitty stuff popping up all over the place. Stuff you can’t believe it cost as much as it did to make. That’s why director Timo Vuorensola has a gem in this epic, science fiction, “what if” Iron Sky. The moon Nazi urban legend is not new and it was only a matter of time before someone dared touch the topic, but Timo did and he crafted a clever and humorous geek fueled film. I’m not completely dissing the Hollywood film circuit, there are some great films like The Avengers, The Batman Trilogy and Prometheus (just kidding) that have the hardcore geeks in mind. Not to say there isn’t some level of “belief suspension” involved in these films, but to quote the great Robert Downey “never go full retard”. I guess that’s why Iron Sky appealed to me, course it had it’s cheesy moments, but it delivers in imagination and originality. This film is not for fans of films like Battle Los Angeles or Cowboys and Aliens, but if your a fan of the far fetched and the innovative, Iron Sky is for you. Watching it it’s hard to believe that the film was once on kickstarter, but Timo and his cast and crew knew what Hollywood would do to a film like that…yep the” once over”. Creative control is everything ask Terry Gilliam (Time Bandits, 12 Monkeys) the man fights tooth and nail with the studios for everything, but he doesn’t bend. He knows what he wants, he caters to a certain demographic, kind of like Sam Raimi (outside of Spiderman), and he delivers. Terry’s films aren’t always a hit, but they are always original and that’s really all you can hope for in this regurgatron that is Hollywood. Sometimes imagination can scare those used to explosions, tits and computer graphics, but with no real plot. It’s jarring for some, you see I loved Cloverfield, District 9 and Moon, all these films had super imaginative scripts and most importantly “I got” what the director wanted me to get. This is the case with Iron Sky…it could’ve went the way of every movie out there and delivered cliche after cliche, but it didn’t. I mean if the ending of the film, where Christopher Kirby (an amazing black actor) kisses Julia Dietz (An equally talented white actress) as she says “your perfect just the way you are”, isn’t an example of pushing things forward I don’t know what is. There’s always a certain level of risk you take when you create a film like this and it was clearly a risk Timo and the cast was willing to take. Course it’s always important to keep some level of self when creating something so ground breaking that Hollywood goes “oh yeah we should make films like this let’s…get Timo”. It is at that moment you decide to loose that level of self and no one is immune to the monster. Iron Sky tells a story one that doesn’t undermine your intelligence, but ask the viewer, very carefully, “to take this journey” and “we promise not to waste your time” I realize everyone has an opinion and some, as with every film ever made, will either like or dislike this film, but if you take those Hollywood goggles off for just a second and realize just how many rules Iron Sky broke in Hollywood mega films of late, you have to stand in awe of Iron Sky and in awe of the courage of the everyone’s conviction in this amazing film. This film is easily an instant cult classic…congratulations guys!!


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