I just started listening to Van She about a week ago and now I’ve added them to my collection of outstanding Calypso Pop bands in my repertoire. Van She hails from Sydney Australia where they formed back in 2002. They exploded on the scene in 2005 with their self titled ep Van She on Modular. They followed that up with their first studio release V in 2008 which made it to #10 on the Australian music charts. “Jamaica” is their second single of their 2012 album “Idea of Happiness”. This album is a synth pop blissout must for those of you into bands like Tanlines, Deloreon and Southern Shores…just an aquatic playground. In this video you’ll see them doing what every tourist to Jamaica is told not to do and that is to never leave the hotel property, well these guys did and you know what happened? Fun…that’s what happened, so remember that the next time your in Montego Bay, but remember to bring along someone who knows what the fucks up.