Tech Watch creator Radi Lewis Kickstarts for a Tech Watch animated series

A couple of months ago we did a review on Tech Watch, a Surprise, AZ based comic book written by Radi Lewis and illustrated by Ernesto Vicente and Mike Borromeo. The book is an action packed tech heavy story of espionage and robots. Well I’m happy to announce that they’ve created a kickstarter to turn Tech Watch into a animated series. If you haven’t already read Tech Watch the book is filled with visual candy and is highly conducive to an “Adult Swim” style animated series. I keep in contact with Radi through Facebook so I know his passion and have no doubts that if given the opportunity this project will go far. If this project looks like something you can wrap your mind around throw these guys a few bones.

Tech Watch tells the story of a secret para-military group that goes around the world strong arming scientist into signing over their creations and working for the groups founder Isaiah Grey. When the scientist rejects his offer, he sends in his black ops team known as A.N.T.S. (Assault Nano Tech Soldiers) to recover the invention then erase any traces of the device and the scientist that created it, which usually spells death for the inventor. Eventually he crosses path with a scientist who is not only willing to sacrifice his life for his beliefs but, more over, is ready and willing to go head to head with Isaiah and his A.N.T.S..

For more about the Tech Watch comic book series checkout their website.

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