Gallagher in slow motion…I almost shed a tear.

In what can easily be described as one of the best Vimeo uploads I have ever seen, this video of comedian Gallagher blew my mind for two reasons, the music of Caribou and Gallagher swinging a large flaming mallot! The project was done by multi media team Fiction who worked with the camera company Miro to showcase the new Phantom Miro. The demo is meant to display the cameras slow motion prowess and what better way than to have 70’s comedian Gallagher smashing everything in slow motion. Set that imagery to the hippy tunes of Caribou and you have a stoner’s dream. I have been watching Gallagher for a long time, mostly on HBO reruns back in the day and sure I didn’t get a lot of what he was talking about when I was young, but a lot of it I did. But it didn’t matter as soon as the wooden mallot came out. God how I wished I could’ve been on the front row with my raincoat on or sheet of plastic to protect me from watermelon projectiles. It would’ve been a blast! His approach to comedy is not unlike Carrot Top only Gallagher was the first and he did it much better. Behold!

Gallagher in Slow Motion from FCTN on Vimeo.

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