Video created from over 100 drawn images by Nathaniel Murphy

This is a beautiful and touching animated short taken from a large collection of drawings by Nathaniel Murphy, a drum tech for Wilco‘s Glenn Kotche.  As we get into the spirit of the Halloween season, the video is a gentle reminder that there are sensitive creatures in the world that we may perhaps deem as monsters in the physical form.  When these freaks come knocking on your door, please smile, tell them they look pretty, and hand them some quality candy.  Keep the apples and toothbrushes.

In addition to being part of Wilco‘s stage crew and creating the artwork for Sunloathe, Nathaniel Murphy contributed his drawings to the 2007 Sky Blue Sky album.  He is also a musician, one of the two members in the band, Loft.  The video above was produced and put to animation by Peter Glantz and The Imaginary Company, which in addition to film and video, performs touring theatre productions and documentaries.  They have worked with artists such as Andrew W.K., Lavender Diamond, Becky Stark and Miranda July.  Their documentary portfolio includes, “Lightning Bolt – Power of Salad”, considered a seminal DIY concert film and is ranked #22 in the IMDB’s top 100 Rock Documentaries.

Let me know how you feel about the video, and if you decide to dress up like a robot with a cat controlling it atop the head for Halloween, please give me some props.

Much thanks to Emma Tucker at Creative Review for turning me on to this video, and also my most beloved Bob Boilen at All Songs Considered for giving me further insight to the article.

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