Science fiction short Tears of Steel will cinematically blow your mind!

In what acts more like a cgi animators demo reel than a film Tears Of Steel is a dysotopian story of regret and redemption at least I think that’s what the director was trying to get across. Before I continue I want to say that this film is a text book case of animators who think they have it in them to write a good story. It’s happening more and more and Hollywood is feeding these dreamers diamonds. Joseph Kosinki (Tron Legacy), Rob Ruairi (Blinky) and Neil Blompkamp (District 9) all have heavy backgrounds in cgi and have gone on to create some great, some not so great, movies, most of which are in the science fiction genre. So here comes this talented little scraper Ian Hubert (Star Wars: Revelations,Project London) who looks like he’s about 12 years old and who not unlike the others, is looking to etch his name upon the books and scrolls of science fiction history with this visually stunning piece of computer animation Tears Of Steel, will it hold up…possibly, but not without some sort narrative. Again, I get what these types of directors are trying to do with their “I’ll make them come to me” attitudes, cause it’s worked in the past, but how long will the studios take chances on strong artist with so so story telling abilities?

  Synopsis: The film’s premise is about a group of warriors  and scientists, who gathered at the “Oude Kerk” in Amsterdam to stage a crucial event from the past, in a desperate attempt to rescue the world from destructive robots.

    The first installment in what I’m sure is going to be either a   web series or feature is entertaining. I’m big into a diverse cast and story lines that don’t lean too heavily on cliche’s and TOS does all of that. The ideas do seem fresh, but the scope and grandeur is almost so big that it begs for some sort of narrative and I’m sure that’s in Ian’s bag of tricks, but it would’ve been nice to get a taste of it in this story, even it he had to Star Wars scroll it at the beginning. I also had a slight problem with the acting, but won’t harp on it given all the beautiful visuals. After researching TOS it has also come to my attention that this sensational bit of eye candy was also being used to showcase the software, Blender, that was used to create the entire film. If I knew how to render, this would be what I would use. God…the images are so clean and fluid and looks better than some Hollywood big budget films. The software does amazing tricks with blending into the cinematography and creating seamless imagery. Imagery that in the right hands could send the CGI game in a whole new direction and this is where Ian comes in. He’s an artist, film is his canvas, he is like a fucking Salvador Dali and I’m not overexaggerating. It’s so beautiful that on Blu Ray it may be too much for the viewer. To see more of what this guy does check out his demo reel at the bottom. Right now it seems that most of Ian’s work is limited to U.K., but I for one would love to see him team up with some of America’s heavy hitters like David Fincher or Joss Whedon. I realize he’s not alone when it comes to conceptualizing something like this and I give much respect to the artist who helped him bring this world to life. The world feels lived in and not just thrown together, this too is another sign of a seasoned eye. I mean seriosuly look at that picture…how old is he? Anyway… thanks to Quiet Earth we will be keeping an eye out for Ian and all of his amazing endeavors, but in the meantime here’s to hoping the stars align even bigger for this guy.

Ian Hubert website: Robot Soup

Movie website: Tears Of Steel

Digital Software: Blender

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