What if Indiana Jones had his own Saturday morning cartoon.

It isn’t often we get to showcase amazing artist, but these images (via Firstshowing.net) done by cartoonist Patrick Schoenmaker are so clean and well conceived that I have no doubts that if this was a real television show, provided the writing was good, it would be a bonafide hit! But then theirs the whole Lucas contingency and his insatiable need to muck things up. So maybe this idea for an epic cartoon should be left right where it is, on Patrick’s Deviant Art account cause G-d knows the last thing we need to see are more aliens and refrigerator bomb shelters…wink. Patrick’s work is amazing and reminds me of a lot of the old Chuck Jones or Don Bluth creations, cartoony, but committed pieces and thoroughly themed. Please visit Patrick’s DA site or checkout his homepage he probably does commissions, couldn’t hurt to ask, it would make an amazing Christmas gift.

THIS JUST IN: I did some sleuthing and found a very short animation Patrick did on Vimeo. The piece shows bricks falling in some sort of tomb or….what for it….TEMPLE. Maybe we are seeing the first bits of an actual show. Must do more research.

07 StaircaseCollapse from Patrick Schoenmaker on Vimeo.

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