Documentary “The American Scream” takes creating haunted houses to a new level


The props in this unusual, but most intriguing documentary about folks obsessed with turning their homes into haunted houses every year, totally put the styrofoam tombstones I bought at Wal Mart to shame. But to my credit, this is the first year me and the Mr’s have decided to try and go all the way with our love for the season of the witch. What is it about Halloween that gives some a boner and others not? What is it about that time of the year when the soul purpose of celebrating is pretty much to scare the shit out of any and everyone? Maybe the clue lies in this amazing documentary The American Scream, that chronicles the life and times of three families who have dedicated their lives to giving their neighborhood nightmares for the rest of their lives. From the creator of the critically acclaimed film Best Worst Movie by Michael Stephenson, this film attempts to harness the passion behind creating a homemade haunted house. Right away you sense the dysfunction, but that’s the charm of films like these. We all want to see the train wreck and from the looks of this one, it doesn’t disappoint as the clock ticks down for the houses to open to the public and all the kinks haven’t been worked out. If nothing else The American Scream is a testament to the human will and just how many people are willing to follow you in realizing your goal. I for one hope one day prizes will be given out to families all over this great country for best haunted house. Oh wouldn’t that be a hoot? The American Scream is now showing in selected theaters throughout the month of October.


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