Emily the Strange rocks!

Emily the Strange’s popularity is just as mysterious as she is. This goth chick is the brainchild of Rob Reger who used her image on Santa Cruz skateboards in 1991 and has since become a pop culture phenomena! This rise to fame doesn’t come without it’s controversy and Emily has certainly had her share. Rob’s artwork has been criticized as being a rip off of the 1978 book Nate The Great Goes Undercover by Marc Simont and the works of Edward Gory, all of whom can be said pretty much inspired everything Tim Burton does so why point fingers? I could take it a step further and say the British band The Horrors inspired Emily to rock, but that would be silly since they jumped on the scene in  2000 and Emily’s been around since the 90’s, but I’m just saying…goth isn’t new. I’ll admit being a little tired of seeing her shit on the walls at Hot Topic (on the off chance I ever need something from them), but I think she fits lovely into today’s pop culture and is seemingly more thought out than most of the stuff hanging on the walls in that place…I digress. Since then this half Bettie Page half Twiggy adolescent has her own a clothing line, a ginormous amount of stationary and a ton of spin off graphic novels published by Dark Horse including this new one entitled Emily and The Strangers…whew… I bet you were wondering how I was going to segway back into this story…take that! Yesterday I received word from good friend and Dark Horse PR minion Aub Driver ( I know, but I think it’s short for Aubrey) that Emily has a new series of graphic novels coming out that’s supposed to be about her becoming a rock star (a long awaited endeavor given her tendency for loathing). The series will feature poster art from some heavy hitters in the industry.

Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger teams up with cowriter Mariah Huehner (True Blood, Angel) and rising artist Emily Ivie (The Locked Maze, Rotsterarsil) for a brand-new, full-color miniseries titled Emily and the Strangers, featuring limited variant covers by rock-poster legends! With the help of her trio of troublemaking cats, Emily is determined to make the most rockin’ song the world has ever known and win a legendary haunted guitar . . . but can she do it solo? Only one thing is for sure—what Emily wants, Emily gets . . . sometimes. Now, Emily and her strange new bandmates are hard at work writing new songs and recording their first album, with big plans for 2013! An Emily the Strange feature film is currently in development, with Chloë Grace Moretz (Let Me In, Kick-Ass) in the role of Emily. Fans of Emily are welcome to stop by the Dark Horse Booth #1528 at New York Comic-Con 2012 for a signing with Rob Reger at 5 p.m. on Friday October 12th!

So Emily it would appear that your ego knows no limits. Well my hopes that something good will become of this “hobby” and we get some serious rockers to put together a soundtrack for you. Might I suggest Brody Dalle (The Distillers) or Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) to head this up…that’s my two cents and Girl Power!  Emily and The Strangers #1 goes on sale January 30, 2013! Meanwhile I’ve posted a cool video for you guys below.

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