New life get’s breathed into Stanislaw Lems epic tale of existence in Golem

What started out as a thesis film has become one hell of an endeavor. Patrick Mccue & Tobias Wiesner directed this wonderfully crafted homage to an until know, completely unknown to me, piece of brilliant literature by Stanislaw Lem (Solaris) called Golem XIV. Like starring into some sort of existential telescope, a female narrator reads from some of the most introspective and philosophical excerpts of Golem while soothing music from composer Cliff Martinez plays in the background. Meanwhile 2.5 years of some of the cleanest surreal imagery you’ve ever seen tops off what can only be described as an outer body experience.

The movie is based on the short storyGOLEM XIV” of “Imaginary Magnitude” by Stanislaw Lem from 1973. The book is written from the perspective of a military A.I. computer who obtains consciousness, moving towards personal technological singularity with growing intelligence. It starts to refuse military support because it detects a basic lacking of internal logical consistency of war. GOLEM gives several lectures with focus on mankind’s position in the process of evolution and the possible biological and intellectual future of humanity before it ceases communication. The movie tells about the first point of its “about man threefold” lecture as a reduced and simplified version while visually weaving this with GOLEM simulating human culture processes based on ideas and dynamics of freedom and curiosity, fear and security, abstraction and fiction, the lack of accessibility in face of unknowing and the need for generating meaning.

I’ll tell you right now watching this film is like taking a drug. You never want the meditation to end, even in the face of self realization you swallow everything as truth when it’s presented to you in such a beautiful way. Sit me in a room for a few hours with imagery and sound like this and I’ll kill for you. Golem is a huge triumph on the multi-media level and stands alone as a masterpiece.

GOLEM from GOLEM on Vimeo.

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