Giant sea creatures take on Los Angeles in this amusing short “Monster Roll”

After watching this short you’ll never look at that dragon roll the same. Directed by Dan Blank Monster Roll  is a  story about a group of sushi chef’s who team up to do battle against monsters from the deep. The invasion comes on the cusp of an ancient truce that has broken between human’s and sea animals, a truce that states “Kill only what you can eat and eat everything you kill”. Well  in todays fast paced environment that noble idea no longer exist and so these Kaiju creatures rise from the depths of the ocean to punish man for his transgressions. Only a small group of L.A. sushi chefs stand in the way of the monsters and total annihilation. Can we say brilliant!

We’re really excited to finally release MONSTER ROLL online.  This short was created as a proof-of-concept for a feature about sushi chefs fighting sea monsters.  It’s a crazy idea, but one we just really wanted to see made.  So, we made it.We sorely miss the tone of those big, fun fantasy movies we grew up with–movies like Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and Big Trouble in Little China.  We also want to continue the tradition of more recent movies like The Host and District 9 where strong story, characters, and humor take priority over expensive VFX sequences.If you like MONSTER ROLL and want to help it get to the next stage, please share the film with friends.  Just by spreading the word, you can help prove that we’re not totally crazy in thinking this is a movie a bunch of us want to see.

I think he hit the nail on the head with Big Trouble In Little China, I even think one of the chefs was in that movie (the blind one). We can never have too many of these styles of films, it’s what helped mold my childhood and I hope it will be what molds others. Like the man said “spread the word”, let’s see this baby go all the way. I need my Monster Roll t shirt now!! The film stars Masashi Odate, Steve Howey, Hidetoshi Imura and Gerald Okamura. The short was produced by Erich Lochner & Matt Miller, and Dan Blank & Sarah Blank.

Monster Roll on Twitter

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