Ever wanted a full scale Millennium Falcon in your backyard? Well, these guys are doing it.

Screw the Legos. Chris Lee wants to sit in the real thing.

Chris Lee has a quest.  Most people may think he’s nuts.  But, that’s what they thought of Noah, too, when he built his ark.  To those that read this blog, however, Chris’ project probably seems like a much more worthwhile endeavor.  He wants to build the ultimate Star Wars prop,  a 1:1 scale ESB/ANH hybrid Millennium Falcon with complete, correctly scaled interior.  He has the blueprints, a small crew of designers, a contractor and a time frame of around 5-7 years of completion.  Han Solo’s smuggling ship will be placed on Chris’ 88 acre wooded lot, and will be able to be seen on Google Earth, oh yes.  If you want, you can even offer to join the team and put yourself in the cockpit.

Support this project, and maybe one day in the near future you can put yourself in picture like this one, minus the docking bay, and more like an approach from Endor.

Normally, we might see a project like this flash before our consciousness and say, “Humbug, what a bunch of malarkey,” however, Chris Lee’s website detailing the project is quite impressive.  FullScaleFalcon.com is very elaborate, with an abundance of pictures showing already completed pieces of the interior and exterior, thought out dimensions and blueprints, and reference material up the wazoo. Using everything from a hubcap taken off a Triumph Spitfire to a Rolls Royce Dart Aircraft Engine Elbow, Chris and his small team of five are using everything at their disposal.  FullScaleFalcon.com is being consistently updated with details concerning this massive project and is a testament to his determination.  Check out some of the work being done.

Quad Gun
Cockpit Console

The team is currently building a workshop in the wooded lot to accommodate the enormity of the Falcon’s building demands.  They are not funded by LucasFilm in any way, and could use your assistance in the matter.  Buy one of their T-shirts to show your support, sign up for their mailing list for updates.  Even checking out the website is worth your time.

I don’t know if FullScaleFalcon is using this cross-section as part of their blueprint design, but, it’s pretty cool anyway. Click on the image for a higher resolution.

Here is a computer animated walk-through of the Millenium Falcon.

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