Schwarzenegger to play Conan in upcoming ‘The Legend of Conan’. Watch him battle a bear!

Arnold’s o-face while playing the character of Conan.

Producer of the latest film in the realm of Conan, Fredrik Malmberg, says that Schwarzeneggers new role will envelope “… that Nordic Viking mythic guy  who has played the role of king, warrior, soldier and mercenary, and who has bedded more  women than anyone, nearing the last cycle of his life. He knows he’ll be going  to Valhalla, and wants to go out with a good battle.” This info via ComicBookMovie.comUniversal is hoping to get the film released by summer of 2014. Watch this red-letter footage of the man who will return as Conan battle a bear!  Hear what else this guy, Malmberg, has to say. 

“This movie picks up Conan where Arnold is now in his life, and we will be  able to use the fact that he has aged in this story. I love the property of  Conan so much that I wouldn’t touch it unless we came up with something worthy.  We think this is a worthy successor to the original film. Think of this as Conan’s Unforgiven,” adds  Malmberg. There’s currently no word on whether or not it will be R-Rated, but  Schwarzenegger had this to say about returning. “I always loved the Conan  character and I’m honored to be asked to step into the role once again. I can’t  wait to work with Universal and the great team of Fredrik Malmberg and Chris  Morgan to develop the next step of this truly epic story.”


I like this idea.

I will tell you why I like this idea.  Grit.  An opportunity for a killer cut out scene on Schwarzenegger’s behalf.  Also, I appreciate the age factor in the legends of our film and comic heroes.  The latest installment of the Spiderman franchise really disappointed me.  Was it truly worthwhile to put Peter Parker through high school again?  John McClane puts some time in between the Die Hard films, at least we can see it on his face.  What’s wrong with a 30-year-old, slightly bitter and emotionally scarred, Spiderman, still busting balls?  Arnold is capable to convince me in this role.  All I needed was this footage below, of him at once gentle and simultaneously fierce, going toe to toe with a beast.

After seeing that footage, it is a safe bet for this movie to be epic.   Hilarious or historic, it is a global win win situation.  More information when it breaks.

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