Death Grips performs Guillotine at Villain BK

I’m don’t get jealous easily, but when I do I’m not one to let those around me know, but watching drummer Zach Hill (Wavves,Marnie Stern) beat those skins, in this video, like they owed him money, made my dick jump a little. How in G-ds name did they manage to get that guy? Don’t get me wrong, I think vocalist Stefan Burnett and programmer Andy Morin are genius’s at what they do, but seriously Zach is ridiculous on the drums. The only one I’d ever seen jam like that live (that I’ve seen mind you) would be Jonsi‘s drummer Thorvaldur Thór Thorvaldsson (yes his middle name is THOR…EPIC!) This is Death Grips the Sacramento based electro-core band and they’ve been doing very very well for themselves. Touring all over the world,headlining some of the biggest concerts in the U.S. and appearing on tons of shows. One might ask themselves what the hells next for these ragamuffins, well another album silly.

Their followup from their first album The Money Stare is called NO LOVE DEEP WEB  and it’s available for free download stream right here and it’s loaded with binary nastiness.Epic/Columbia has yet to announce an official release date for the album. Oh and in case your wondering I would post thier controversial other picture from the album, but I have to maintain some decorum.


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