Donnie Bell is one to keep and eye on

The amount of modern composers that reach stardom is very small compared to the amount of performers. Rarely do any top 40 artists write and release their own music with very little help from others. It seems the time has shifted to where we listen to the work of hundreds of minds working at once instead of a look inside a few. Now that is a very strong statement against the entertainment industry itself, but let’s remember it is an industry. A companies number one job is to make money, and if a musician can’t then they’re gone.

Donnie Bell is a composer originally from Central New York, but has shifted to wherever the time calls. Recently it has been Tacoma, Washington after a few years in Los Angeles for schooling. He’s released a few unnoticed albums along the ways of the public, but have been major successes for the underground instrumental community. Most recently, I’ve been able to get in contact with him and have received the newest sounds of this American musician and it is killer.

While the track only spans 6 minutes, you’re given a lot of back and forth compositions. What starts out as a shifting bass drum hit, it builds up into a slow, but eerie slew of notes. As a talented percussionist, you hear the exotic sounds of church bells, splashes, and xylophones. Not to mention every note is precisely placed to fit the order of crescendos. What I find the coolest is the expansion of double bass with what sounds like a two-step beat on a snare. This marks an instrumentation turn that I’ve never heard before. It’s a strong start to what could lead into an amazing composition.

I’ll be keeping a close watch to this artist, and will include a link to his page to check out the track yourself! I’m hoping for another strong release by Donnie Bell, as this could be a foot in the door for him.

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