The fantastic Steampunk world of illustrator Brian Kesinger

I like to attribute my fascination with Steampunk with my love for reading, in particular the works of author Philip Reeve (Mortal Engines) but, until now, there really wasn’t a name for the type of Victorian science fiction I had come to love. I guess it was just regular-ass “science fiction”, but I, as with most Steampunks, felt there needed to be more.  So how did those of us who saw what authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, bring to light, what would have otherwise stayed buried in the recesses of our mind?…with art and Disney animator Brian Kesinger (Bolt, Tarzan, Atlantis,Treasure Planet) is the personification of that commitment. His whimsically delightful series Tea Girls is what most Steampunks wish could be turned into a animated series series, complete with uber-expensive toys from those guys at SIDESHOW. I think we deserve it! Brian remains steadfast in his quest to bring to the world goggles, corsets and octopuses (sounds naughty, I know) and sure, there’s a little bit of that in his works, but within the Steampunk context, it translates into some of the funnest images your humble narrator has ever seen! In addition to these wonderful prints, which you can purchase via his website, you can also buy these images on t-shirts through I believe Brian is also available for commissions, so if you ever wanted to see what your life would be like in the Steam capacity, you may want to hit this guy up, of course your gonna want to do it quick, Christmas is right around the corner and I suspect there will be others who wish to do the same. In the meantime, here’s to Brian Kesinger, a man who knows his aether and whose steam is very strong and whose renderings, we pray, will one day be brought to life by the very company he’s slaves for, if not another. Here! Here!

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