One of the greatest Halloween pranks. Listen to the Orson Welles radio adaptation of ‘The War of the Worlds.’ 74 years ago yesterday it panicked the nation

Families were sitting down to enjoy a nice evening of radio, then this broadcast drove them apeshit.

Turn off the tv, turn on the mood lighting, and listen to the still haunting broadcast of this Orson Welles classic Halloween prank.  The October 30, 1938 radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells brought Orson Welles instant fame. The combination of the news bulletin form of the performance with the between-breaks dial spinning habits of listeners from the rival and far more popular Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy program was later reported in the media to have created widespread confusion among listeners who failed to hear the introduction. Panic was reported to have spread (after citation from rumors) among many listeners who believed the news reports of a Martian invasion. 

The total program lasts just under an hour.  Put it on.  Scare the kids old timey style.

It’s hard to imagine pulling something like this off with today’s modern media, still, it employs lots of fun for the imagination and remains a classic prank for all times.  Imagine a similiar broadcast being aired regarding the extremity of the current Frankenstorm barraging the eastern coast of the U.S.

If you enjoyed listening to this broadcast, has a huge selection of free mysteries, science fiction and comedy shows that are free to listen to, like Superman, Buck Rogers, Cloak and Dagger and many others.

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