Check out the motion poster inside.

…but, I don’t know how I feel about the latest trailer release.  It would be nice to get a small piece of originality in a series like this and not just another classic film rehashed into a scream and chase reboot.  I can see myself getting annoyed by the sound of that damn chainsaw, like I did every time I heard that song, ‘The Lumberjack’, by Jackyl, back in the early 90’s.  Has that track been used in any films as comedic relief, I wonder?  Anyway, the motion poster is well worth taking a gander at.  I would definitely enjoy it up on my wall.  Judge for yourself on how you feel about the upcoming film.  All media gathered courtesy of

Go to to watch Leatherface wave that chainsaw in your face.

Taking place approximately 20 years or so following the original events, a young woman inherits an estate in Texas from her grandmother.  She decides to grab a handful of friends and hit the road to discover her past.  What her and her pals discover in the handed down Victorian mansion once they get there is a secret horror residing within the cellar.  Fresh.


I couldn’t resist.

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