It stands to reason that any holiday that celebrates death would be looked down upon by some people, but in some countries death is celebrated, almost as a rebirth. It’s these celebrations that have collectively morphed into the American holiday as we know it. Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing had the pleasure of interviewing author and screen writer Lisa Morton whose just written a book called Trick Or Treat: A History Of Halloween. In the podcast she goes in depth about her research into this often misunderstood holiday, touching on just about every myth surrounding Halloween known to man or woman. Where does the Jack-o-latern come from, why are witches associated with Halloween, do other countries celebrate Halloween…so on and so forth. This is an excellent podcast for anyone who ever wondered, which should be all of you, why do we celebrate this event and will I go to Hell. The answers to all those question will surprise the hell out of you and no your not going to Hell.