‘Dead Island: Riptide’ preview and trailer for the April 23, 2013 release

A monsoon has flooded the island paradise, much of your travelling will be done by boat.

The trailer for the original, Dead Island, I believe is accountable for at least half of the 4 million copies of the game sold.  It’s fantastic and kept me in anticipation to finally play the game for months.  Riptide‘s trailer doesn’t have quite the same intensity, yet is worth the price of admission.  Which is free.  Check it out.

Game informer magazine details that Dead Island:Riptide is the continued quest of developer, Techland, to create the best open world zombie game in the market.  The story continues with the conclusion of the original title.  The four survivors are shipwrecked after boarding a military vessel during the monsoon.  They land on a nearby island, Palanai, the upscale sister to the club med, ghetto island of the last game, Banoi.  Then, it’s all about staying alive.

Dead Island Riptide CGI Teaser Trailer from Jeremiah Fyler on Vimeo.

Tim Turi’s article in Game Informer magazine # 235 gives some insight on the modifications and upgrades to the sequel.  They will include and advanced weather system, better weapon proficiency bonuses, more seemless building to building movement, and the removal of level based co-op restrictions in online play.  Bashing skulls with a myriad of found weapons will remain as a cornerstone to the games premise.

Weapon rationing and fortification skill will play a larger role in this episode.
Will this be the cover?

Dead Island was a good time.  It wasn’t exactly the survivalist type of ambiance that I was hoping for, but, it was still something else.  It’s a turn out the lights, listen to your heart pumping, try not to shit your pants when you hear footsteps kind of gaming, with plenty of options for killing zombies and a light amount of problem solving.  Well worthwhile for the $15 or so that I think the game is selling for.  Will Riptide be better?  Techland seems to think so.  I know I’ll be playing.  It will be available through the PS3, XBox 360 and PC.  Published by Deep Silver.

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3 thoughts on “‘Dead Island: Riptide’ preview and trailer for the April 23, 2013 release

    1. Sure would be nice if one could actually ‘see’ the comments made to the posts. But anyway, There will be a pre order special release for Riptide. A few extra weapons, strategy map, bonus character skin. Pretty basic.

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