Universal snatches up Joe Hill’s Locke and Key with Kurtzman and Orci set to produce this film trilogy

I’ve taken it upon myself to let you guys in on some buzz we recently read about regardng the long awaited and hellishly plagued story that is IDW‘s Locke and Key by writer Joe Hill and Illustrator Gabriel Rodriguez. A while back it was rumored that Locke and Key was being produced by Fox and being directed by Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo), but that smidgen of hope has long since passed, but not without an awesome trailer for the would be pilot episode that a select few got the chance to see at Comic Con 2011, note to self: see more tv/film panels and stop buying so much shit at Comic Con.

Well word has it the rights to the story is now in the hands of Universal Studios and the writing team Kurtzman and Orci are set to produce, what they hope, will be a film trilogy. This is all great news provided Kurtzman and Orci come nowhere near the script and the screenplay is left in Joe Hills hands, which almost never happens, but I can dream can’t I. I’ve seen what they do and I feel the storyline is best left in the hands of the one who created it. I will say that this story would make a better television show than film especially after seeing the pilot for the trailer, but who am I. There’s not a whole lot more we can report on this right now, but I have emailed IDW to see if there’s any truth to this story (crossing fingers). At this time I would like to put David Fincher‘s name into that bowl of directors Universal’s  considering with hopes that they see how fucking right David would be for this job, provided he isn’t hella busy with other things.  Below I’ve embedded the Fox pilot Mark Romanek put together that wet the appetite of all us fanboys at the con.

Locke & Key. Written by Hill and featuring astounding artwork from Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke & Key tells of Keyhouse, an unlikely New England mansion, with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them… and home to a hate-filled and relentless creature that will not rest until it forces open the most terrible door of them all…

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