Brooklyn hip hop artists Joey Badass featuring Chuck Strangers in “Fromdatombs”

Here’s the new video for “Fromdatombs” by Joeybadass featuring Chuck Strangers. The track is totally reminiscent of 90’s hip hop and is a breath of fresh air. This track was originally featured on the Joey Badass’s Mixtape 1999, which was received with mixed reviews, but most of the critics agree “Fromdatombs” was the best track out of the whole mix. I remember when that mixtape was floating around, but I don’t think I listened to enough of it to get to this track a.k.a slippin, that’s why this video was such a pleasant surprise. The video that is directed by David M. Helman with
cinematography by Trevor Wineman features Joey and his crew gallivanting around the streets of Brooklyn bringing that grass roots vibe back to an overly saturated industry. Now let’s talk about the beat…OMG…nice! The production is amazing and enough to keep those into groups like “Tribe…” or Pete Rock, jumping for some time. Joey’s on the rise and I’m wishing all the best for this little scraper.

JOEY BADA$$ FT. CHUCK STRANGERS – FROMDATOMB$ from david m. helman on Vimeo.

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