Movember is changing the face of men’s health

I feel as though one of the most important events for men has been clearly missed by the public this year. Yes, I’m talking about Movemeber. As a hallmark for men (and some women!), it is important to show your upper lip sweaters or face masks with pride. While many don’t know the history behind Movember, you’ll receive a crash course right now.

It all started after the Movember Foundation out of Melbourne, Australia wanted to raise awareness for male health. It also was a great idea to bring the mustache back into fashion. The word of mouth grew as people wondered why more and more men grew mustaches, and the following year of opening, the group teamed up with prostate cancer awareness and made 55,000 dollars for their cause! Over the past 5 years of this cause, the program has raised over 30 million dollars world wide, and the numbers continue to grow.

I’ve decided to get in on this, and start up the Mediocrity Is The New Genius movember page on the official website for donations. We’d accept any donations for this great cause, and would feel honored if you would spread the word on Movember! It does great work for the leading cancer in men and raise awareness on health issues in men. Plus a wicked stache doesn’t hurt anyone either!

Keep up to date with some sweet mustaches and maybe donate at:

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