Killzone Intercept and Beyond Black Mesa set the standard for gaming fan films

Fantastic live action film based on a great FPS

Infectious Designer is a group of independent filmmakers who really put their heart into creating shorts based within the games they love. The word ‘love’ is not used frivolously.  These movies are intensely detailed and action packed.  Killzone Intercept, taking place during the events of Guerrilla Games release, Killzone 3, rocked me with its sophistication for such a low-budget creation.  Beyond Black Mesa, an earlier film by Infectious Designer, based on the Half-Life series equally amazes with its utilization of key game elements.  Whether you’re a gamer, or a fan of the filmmaking art, these videos that took years in the making should not be missed.

Both Killzone Intercept and Beyond Black Mesa have surprisingly good acting and special effects for films made for just a few thousand dollars.  Keep an eye out for Infectious Designer.  What they did with the Helghast troopers, particularly the invisibility mode of the scout, is nearly perfect.

Beyond Black Mesa appears as a precursor to what Infectious Designer would do cinematically with Killzone Intercept.  The set and costume design feels very familiar, however, for fans of Half-Life, the details of the script and dialogue will really win you over.

I am really pleased that Guerrilla Games and Sierra Studios/Activision allowed these fan films to be released without lawsuits and hassles.  Films like these are truly displaying the power that gaming writers, production companies and designers will have in the years to come.  Is a full length feature of, Killzone, in the works?  With the amount of enthusiasm surrounding these short films, I would say it is a good possibility.  Here is a promo poster that Infectious Designer has in progress.

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