Two classic power hitters set to release new material


Imagine the moment where you find out your two favourite bands from the 90’s decide to release an album after an extended period of time. No, I’m sorry but Nirvana, Joy Division, and Neutral Milk Hotel are not in this list. I can assure you though that rumours of Nine Inch Nails and My Bloody Valentine have recently noted that they’re working on new material set for early 2013, or late 2012. This could make 2012 a great year for music from unexpected releases from Crystal Castles, Swans, and notably, Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

This is coming out of Pitchfork Media, and I’ll include the link below to see the full story, but Kevin Shields of MBV recently announced a headlining tour to Tokyo‘s, “Tokyo Rock Festival” in May where he mentions he’ll play new material. Not only that, but this has been on and off in the works since the 90’s before the split, and its said to be the music is odder than anything they’ve done.

While My Bloody Valentine are stirring up noise in the nostalgia section, look for Trent Reznor to make a splash with his new work under Nine Inch Nails. Trent has mentioned it should be ready for early 2013, but don’t be surprised if it comes early as a gift. Reznor has always have something up his sleeve in notion towards his beloved fans.

What a year it could go out on. After years and years of waiting for past releases, we’re all of a sudden given hope to one of the best annual endings in music in a long period of time. Be ready for a huge drop of releases that will let 2012  go out with a boom. More on the article, check out the two links below of the full press release.

Nine Inch Nails:

My Bloody Valentine:

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