MEZO debuts video for “Connected”

In recent years, dubstep has undergone some construction. It used to be assumed that this sound,  derived from Jamaican Dub and Two step, was just rhythmic vibes with no real ending or beginning, but lately traditional arrangements, in the form of a chorus verse chorus bridge, have begun to speckle this once abstract landscape. The recent success of originally edited songs like Alex Clare’s Too Close and Crossover (appropriately named)  by Magnetic Man and Katy B , are evidence of this.

It would appear the days when a dubstep song graced an album only as a remix is over, so it only makes sense, on the advent of such change, artists whose roots lie with electronica and consciousness, have taken it upon themselves to push this idea forward. Mezo, an Orlando based vocalist/musician and Producer/Dj Joman ,are those artists. While listening to Mezo’s voice, you’re immediately reminded of artist like Sting, Seal and yes sometimes Bob Marley. This recent track Connected written by Mezo and long time collaborator Andy Anderson and remixed to dubstep by Dj Joman, is a testament to what talented artists can do when relevance and creativity are the primary objective and not mundane rhetoric. There’s no denying the drama and awe as you listen to the crisp production followed by the all too familiar, but cleverly done, whomp whomp, Joman lays down. Mezo’s vocals exudes versatility and is thought provoking and most importantly…conscious. Listen to some of Mezo’s tracks like “Elation” DJ CJ vs Mezo – Elation (Dr Nast-E Remix)  and “The Comforter” (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix) and you’ll immediately see what I’m talking about.

The capacity to love is a theme that Mezo tends to drive home and with pin point accuracy, that’s why “Connected” is a much needed and welcome addition to his transcendental catalog. The video “Connected” directed by Farace with motion graphic animation by UAT student David Ford,is a brilliantly executed dysotopian music video. The white background and cryptic lettering gives it that Orwellian vibe that the song warrants. “Connected” contains a very powerful message about our world today and how we fool ourselves into believing that this synthetic synergy will hold up. I have my doubts about our collective days on this planet and as we near the closing of the Mayan calendar, this song is a reminder of that doubt. Hopefully, Mezo’s message of unity is not too late and the work of all the aforementioned artist will not only be looked at, in the years to come, as danceable tracks and brilliant cinematography, but as global messages that our time on this planet is best spent bringing joy to others.

“This is the time of humanity’s awakening-an awakening to who and what we are, and what our role is in relation to this planet and the Universe. Stirred by the rays of early morning light, we arouse slowly. Outside our window, the Universe waits patiently for us to come out and play.”-Schim Schimmel

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