Neutral Milk Hotel frontman, Jeff Mangum announces 2013 tour

Long after the years of Neutral Milk Hotel, the legacy of In The Areoplane Over The Sea still to this day remains a large part of modern music culture. There’s a large hustle and bustle of the album online with jokes about the infamous lyrics to the album artwork itself (I know its a drum, NOT A POTATO). While Neutral Milk Hotel released On Avery Island before as well as a slew of unreleased material, nothing compared to the success of the late 90’s successor.

Former frontman, Jeff Mangum recently announced that he’ll beheading on a 2013 tour that could be his last. He released this information on his website where he’ll be making stops, and you could check that out at While no stops have been announced for the west coast, don’t get upset just yet. This has happened before where retirement takes place, but Mangum feels the need to ‘help’ us out.

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity if he’s coming near you. While I passed up on the chance, and I’m kicking myself for it, he’s been noted as being one of the few 90’s rockers left to tour. This could make a splash in the way you watch concerts, and truly affect the way you listen to his music. I highly recommend going if possible.


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