School Of Seven Bells latest EP “Put Your Sad Down” is so much more

SVIIB new EP Put Your Sad Down is like taking the SVIIB sound and giving it a club make over. Not to say that what they do normally isn’t banging, but listening to this EP , you get a sense that producer Benjamin Curtis set out to create their own version of trance. The first track on the album “Put Your Sad Down” is a lengthy twelve minute song, filled with driving beats and airy vocals provided by vocalist Alejandra Deheza. It certainly sets the mood for the rest of the album and by the time I reached the third track “Faded Heart” I was ready to hit the club. If they aren’t careful they could create their own genre of music. Put Your Sad Down is tremendous in giving you everything that SVIIB’s is about, but more. The question is how do you remix an album that sounds like remixes to begin with? You don’t, but I bet there are several mixologist up to the task. In the meantime, put this album on and let it play, cause your guaranteed to be able to drop this into any mix you are throwing down. It’s appropriately named, given it’s focus on heartbreak and what not, but behind the beautiful rhythms lies a message that only SVIIB can deliver and so far they’ve done it really fucking well. This album is a must have for fans and electronica aficionados alike.

Published by Jeffrey Lamar

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