Don’t be a jerk…be a Brony. PBS “Off Book” explores the multi-faceted and influential world of fandom

A fine stable of Bronies

“Who doesn’t want to imagine a world with magic and happiness and awesome flying ponies?”  This was quoted by a fan of the My Little Pony franchise in the following web episode of PBS “Off Book, and I can’t say I disagree with her.  Whether you are into cartoon ponies, Transformer erotica, or cosplaying your favorite character in the Star Wars universe there is a social network out there for you to submerge yourself.

Asassin’s Creed cosplay photo courtesy of Unreality Magazine

Via PBS Off Book

 Before the mass media, people actively engaged with culture through storytelling and expanding well-known tales. Modern fan culture connects to this historical tradition, and has become a force that challenges social norms and accepted behavior. Whether the issue is gender, sexuality, subversiveness, or even intellectual property law, fans participate in communities that allow them to think outside of what is possible in more mainstream scenarios. “Fannish” behavior has become its own grassroots way of altering our society and culture, and a means of actively experiencing one’s own culture. In a sense, fans have changed from the faceless adoring masses, to people who are proud of their identity and are stretching the boundaries of what is considered “normal”.

Produced by New York-based production company Kornhaber Brown, ”Off Book” trains a lens on the lives of various artists working in interactive art, online collective art, fashion design, typography, indie music, video game art, and more.  In three-to-five-minute video snapshots of creators who ride the cutting edge, viewers can explore the process, motivation, meaning, and relevance behind their work.

The “Off Book” web series is really worthwhile if you haven’t been privy to it.  All of the episodes, I believe, are under 8 minutes and are basically introductory sessions on topics like the creation of indie video games, web design, retro media collecting, glitching and the world of viral video.  The variety of information is given in a fast paced and entertaining fashion.  In other words, a good way to kill some time while becoming more media savvy.

If any of you reading consider yourself a Brony, I would love to hear about it.  I’ve been called a ‘jabroni’ a few times.  I don’t know if that’s relatable.  Friendship is magic.

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Thank you,  Great site.

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