Grand Theft Auto 5 is already kicking my ass. Here is trailer #2.

I don’t buy games when they are released for a couple of reasons.  Mostly, it is because I am too cheap, $30 is usually my limit.  The other is that I like to get some common man analysis following the media hype.  GTA V will probably be an exception.  I know the content and playability with this franchise, it’s fantastic.  The soundtracks alone are super sweet.  Rockstar Games has yet to disappoint me.  This latest game trailer looks outstanding.  Coming Spring 2013. reports that this game will be 5X larger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4, and San Andreas combined.

Get more details and still photos at Rockstar Games official site.

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A fan, and promoter, of the graphic novel artform. A lover of life and song. A dreamer of incredible and alternate realities. A witness to the dedication of an open mind.

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