Trailer for Now You See Me starring Jesse Eisenberg promises, but can it deliver?

If this trailer isn’t proof that Morgan Freeman‘s voice is worth millions, then I don’t know what is. For all intents and purposes, this shouldn’t be the epic trailer that it seemingly is, but two things stand out while watching it that make it work. Michael Caine (Batman) and Morgan Freeman (Batman). Forget Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Netwrok) forget Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) and as much as I hate to say it, forget Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers), all I see is Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman (Despite the fact that he thinks he’s a G-d) back together again and I am pretty much on board for this potential train wreck. The film is directed by Louise Leterrier (Clash Of The Titans, The Incredible Hulk) and is due out in theaters June 7th 2013 (that’s right, a summer release).

The movie pits a crack FBI squad in a game of cat and mouse against a super-team of the world’s greatest illusionists, who pull off a series of daring bank heists during their performances, showering the profits on their audiences while staying one step ahead of the law.

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