Video for Tears by HEALTH is groundbreakingly morbid!!

There are two types of music videos in this world, this one and everything else. Not since video director Chris Cunningham did the highly controversial…then, but tame now, video for The Aphex Twins song “Come To Daddy“, have I ever seen a music video that truly disturbed me. From a technical stand point, this is a masterpiece. Directed by David Altobelli and Jeff Desom this video for the electronic trio HEALTH’S latest single “tears”, gives new meaning to the word post apocalyptic. The sheer mood caresses, ever so lightly, topics that make you question if whether any of what your seeing is really happening at all and why. Like any good video, the intent in this one appeared to be allowing yourself to be vulnerable and vulnerable is what you will become. It get’s unsettling quick, as you watch these unsupervised infants going about their days in environments that are totally unsuitable for any living creature. They carry on, all the while you watch and say to yourself “wtf is happening?” Some even have this strange glow in their eyes, that I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s some rotoscoping they’ve done or it’s actually natural, because Village Of The Damned is jumping off in some of these scenes. Babies aren’t like adults, in that you can train them to act on cue, you kind of just have to allow them to do their thing and shoot and that’s exactly what they did. The magic happens when you get to the editing room and try to create a story out of these random images.

Like creating a song, the process is the same, in that you’re creating from abstract ideas. The choice to curb them for the mainstream becomes the main concern for most and that’s why we have websites like Vimeo. It becomes apparent about ten seconds in that this isn’t your usual MTV video (wait MTV doesn’t play videos..derp), but you get what I’m saying. However, times have changed so this video could be on heavy rotation and because I don’t own a television I just don’t know it? Either way, without websites like Vimeo or Youtube, one may have never gotten a chance to see something this thought provoking and with such quality. This is about the time I try to segway to a synopsis for what your about to see, but none was provided by the production and rightly so. You take from this what you will. Whether your completely repulsed or super intrigued the job of these directors and musician’s is done and now your Fucked!!

I said awhile back that the video for Explosions In The Skie’s song “Postcards from 1952” was one of my picks for best videos this year…well count this one as another. Perhaps releasing videos this impactful towards the closing of the year was a tactical move on the part of the production. Well played my lads, well played. This ones sure to make those year in review list for sure. Great job!

HEALTH – Tears from David Altobelli on Vimeo.

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