Growing up, I knew a lot of Skinheads, some racist, some not, but despite your credo, you always dressed the part. Whether you rocked the bomber jacket with dockers (like me) or you went straight for the tight acid washed jeans with brace’s, anyone who was anyone knew who you repped and in certain circles that either got you hugs or a beat down. But let’s rewind the clock back a few decades when this whole Skinhead thing started and you’ll learn that it was never about beatdowns, curbings, drinking or mosh pits… alright I lied about the drinking part, but in fact it was much tamer and was more about unity than what people know of it today. This is why I am posting this video, for those yewts and adults, out there who don’t know where it all came from. I will warn you, this documentary is a lot more about the Skinhead fashion than I expected, but it’s also filled with a ton of facts about the Skinhead culture and it’s impact through the decades. I will say this, since being in a ska/punk band back in the nineties I’ve always sported a baldy and will always be proud of this working class culture that spawned a phenomena that will never die.