Wanna be a Dwarf? The Hobbit launches this pretty cool campaign!

I don’t know if you lie awake at night dreaming of living underneath mountains, mining precious minerals and fighting, but if you do, this app is for you. Warner Brother’s has launched this pretty cool campaign for The Hobbit in the vein of a lot of other “mo cap” campaigns, that will allow you to Dwarf yourself…Caution: your manhood will stay intact.This app is very detailed in that it gives you a 3D profile,rotoscopes and your allowed to change the skin texture of your desired mountain dweller and…wait for it….you can record video of yourself as a dwarf. I’m just psyched cause I can finally see what a Black/Asian Dwarf might look like…not too shabby. The Hobbit hit’s theaters December 14th 2012.

Dwarf Yourself Here

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