If nothing else comes of this surge of indie cgi, we will always have something pretty to look at. 2008 is a robopocalypse of sorts that takes place in Los Angeles 2088. The film is directed by SMI Entertainment’s writer/director and visual effects supervisor Steven Ilous. This Akira/Blade runner-esque teaser trailer, is the first known footage that has come from Steven’s film since it went into production and I have to say, visually, it’s beautiful…now let’s just hope the story holds up.

There is no official synopsis that we could find, but from the looks of it, robots are running a muck in tinsel town (wait…is this a reality show?)
The following footage is meant to be a sort of COPS episode in that you are watching everything from the front seat of a NHCD (Non Human Crimes Division) vehicle as two officers are doing a routine stop in the highways of this futuretopolis. Everything goes bat shit when an eight foot tall “mech” blows up the spot. I must say again, it’s very pretty and the cinematography is great, but not much else happens after the introduction of this rogue-bot. So you’re gonna have to be satisfied with that kids. If after watching you still need more from 2008 they have a Tumblr site and Facebook for your viewing pleasures and it’s loaded with concept and visual effects preproduction. Enjoy!

Via SMI: “To produce, direct and write a transmedia sci-fi/drama property that will entice audiences from all around the world, allowing people to experience this story through multi-platform touch points.” 2088 is being written and directed by Steven Ilous, with sound design by Gavin Little of EchoLab.

2088 Teaser from Steven Ilous on Vimeo.