Alan Moore tackles script writing for the first time in Act of Faith

If Alan Moore has been anything to Hollywood in the last fifteen years, it’s been an unconscionable bastard, especially when it comes to adapting his works into films. He’s dissed and distanced himself from pretty much every movie that has been adapted from from his books. V for Vendetta, The Watchmen and The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. So what does one do if you’re are a great writer whose too ugly to act and hates everything Hollywood is about? Well, you write your own screenplay.

Act of Faith is a prelude to their forthcoming short Jimmy’s End written by Alan Moore and directed by Mitch Jenkins, done through their production company Orphans of The Storm. This series will hopefully showcase, to the world, what a movie written and approved by Alan Moore looks like and judging by this 30 minute short, I am totally on board. This short has all the makings of any good Alan Moore novel without the specter of Alan himself saying “this is rubbish”. So I’ll leave you with that oh and this too…I took this quote from one clever youtube viewer after watching Act of Faith.

“If anyone wants to make Alan Moore mad, they have to adapt this into a comic book.”- Santiago (I sure hope he came up with this quote) Mendez

Well said Santi…well said.

Taken from Jimmy’s End homesite:

It’s raining in Northampton and Faith Harrington has Friday evening ahead of her, her favourite outfit and her favourite face, her top tunes shimmering on the CD player:

“When the lamp burns low on the bureau, even though I’m far from you…”

In a curtain-raiser prelude to their forthcoming short film Jimmy’s End, Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins, with Siobhan Hewlett, introduce us to a world of unfamiliar atmospheres, precarious entertainments, and insidious detail.

Act of Faith unveils an isolated corner of the modern night, where carrion crows become the only comforters and it’s a quarter to eternity..

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