Web series ‘Dynamo’ will hook you with its wonderful weirdness

A governmental conspiracy, a love being kindled under the stars, a crazy bearded space pilot being attacked by bats while flying through an asteroid belt, how will all these plotlines come together?  The crew at KarmaPirates have me hooked with their intriguing series filled with live action and smooth futuristic visuals created with Blender software, but, the question is, can they pull off the finishing move? Check out the first episode.

The creators of Dynamo, Ian Hubert and Scott Hampson have this to say about their project:

It’s an experiment. It’s a story. It’s a series of shorts. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy/’cute cyberpunk’ webseries. It’s the result of four years of late night discussions between friends. It’s a convoluted puzzle about the nature of reality (and monsters! and horrible romance!)  It’s a narrative with layers of interlocking pieces. It’s the best thing we know how to make- and it’s pretty wacky!

Nate Taylor is contributing VFX work, and is one of the few people I know, including myself, that still uses the word, ‘rad’.

Follow the rest of the series at karmapirates.com  Four episodes are currently available.

If you enjoy film, sci-fi, music, and fandom come join us.  @HugoSchoen  @MITNG2442

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A fan, and promoter, of the graphic novel artform. A lover of life and song. A dreamer of incredible and alternate realities. A witness to the dedication of an open mind.

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