Guide To The Apocalypse by Adam Rosenlund

8ab8b60d9f05a8051b4e1ede731e6cc7As the Mayan calendar comes to a close, many of you may be wondering “just how do you prepare for the end of the world and what should we expect?” Well illustrator Adam Rosenlund has come up with a few ideas that he’s been kind enough to share with the world. No matter what’s your stee-lo zombies, robots, face peeling plagues or monsters, Adam has something for each and every one of your crazy asses. I came upon his brilliant gallery while perusing images on this fabulous website called Behance. If you are a fan of pop art and all things graphic, an account on this website is a must. Even if you’re not an illustrator, countless hours will be spent drooling over the works of thousands of talented artist. By the way, many of the pieces you’ll see are available for purchase…win…win! You can checkout more of Adam’s stuff after the jump. In the meantime go and get your can goods cause it’s all over!

Adam Rosenlund Behance

Adam Rosenlund Tumblr

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