The Bilderberg Agenda releases a powerful statement to citizens on Third World Tea Party

20121208-122508.jpg“Good evening citizens of the world. This is a message from The Bilderberg Agenda”
This the first line from the Swedish electronic band The Bilderberg Agenda newest album, Third World Tea Party. You can tell they’re not messing around here. They have a purpose, and thats to fight against corporate censorship of the internet. Throughout the album, you’re given either an electronic voice reading a speech on anti-censorship, or quotes from anonymous people talking about free rights.

On first listens, they’re are a lot of textures thrown around. You get Boards of Canada-esque drum beats with soaring synthesizers, or a face-paced drum beats with massive soundscapes. This album really blends well with the transitions from song to song. I should say more ‘from act to act’ because of the fact that tracks can reach up to 10 minutes plus. The entire listen reaches just over 90 minutes, but you have the equivalent of movie playing in your head the whole way through.


The Bilderberg Agenda likes to keep to themselves much like what their music portrays. This adds to the affect of their music sounding so outgoing. Tracks like Intro and Third World Tea Party have very strong messages. You’d think they’d be fighting on the front lines for their voice of reason, but instead they prefer to stay in the masses of the online group, Anonymous. It’s a smart choice because of the power they have to keep the Internet uncensored. The kicks and snare pack large punch once they reach the climax of the songs. It compliments the tracks warm and lush keyboard riffs very well.

While you’d think a 90 minute album would have a break, you thought wrong. You’re kept on your toes dancing, moving, swaying to the beat with mixed emotions based on what the song is. These are fun tracks. They’re tracks with a powerful message that more tracks need. I could call this an album. With a reoccurring theme behind every song you get, this band is serious about their music.

With my brief discussion about them, they said, “But we all kinda hate how the music industry works. We have some kind of vision that music should be free for everyone to enjoy in these digital ages. So if we want a label in the future we will probably start our own or find one that aint blinded by $$.”

Thats a powerful statement. While this album is nowhere near perfect, it draws a perfect mixture of party-tier beats with an underlying statement that is far more meaningful than anything released in awhile in the electronic music scene. A strong start for a group that should get far more attention, although they know that isn’t what music is about. This group has passion, and the rest will come with time.

Download the album here:

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