Cherubs! HC to be released by Dark Horse in January

CherubsAmong Dark Horse’s early 2013 releases is the Cherubs! hardcover, which combines Cherubs! Paradise Lost, previously published by Desperado in 2007, with the completed story in “Hell on Earth.” The novel Cherubs 2is written by Bryan Talbot with art by Mark Stafford.

The story follows five insanely bored cherubim who witness a heinous act committed by the archangel Abaddon. Blamed by Heaven for the crime, the cherubim escape to Earth in order to find Abaddon somewhere in New York and clear their names. In the meantime, they team up with a stripper—named Mary, of all things—to fight the forces of evil at work in the city…and to party hearty.

The novel is a fast-paced and refreshingly light-hearted spin on the traditional story of Revelation. In my experience, stories that deal with the apocalypse have a tendency to get dark real fast. “Cherubs!” is fun. It stays fun. Sure, it’s full of vampires and demons, but Talbot somehow manages to steer clear of any real tension.

So, if you’re looking for an exciting plot minus the emotional and mental exhaustion that comes with any heavily religious premise, “Cherubs!” is the story for you. The hardcover comes out on January 16th of next year. Don’t miss it!


Published by Lisa Vega

I am a senior at Arizona State University and a fiction and creative nonfiction writer. My hobbies include policing other people's grammar, reading books with interesting covers, and riding my bicycle on fair weather days.

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